Our Standing

Incorporated in February 2006, Microlight Sensors’ ("MLS") principal activities are designing, developing, and producing sensor systems such as broad spectrum imagery, optical probes and light-wave sensors including laser system for specialty applications. MLS is among a few Asian companies, who are capable of its own product design and development capabilities for high-end optical field engineering equipment and systems for global needs. MLS is also active in partnership developments with Singapore institutions for other sensor systems like new sensor materials, robotics vision and industrial probes. Our other business activities include value added installation for specialized sensing equipment and systems in the ASEAN region. Our strengths lie in our ability and experience to generate products with specific design to exact demand and produce instruments, integrated sensor solutions and equipment for our customers. Our customers included civil authorities, government agencies and industrial users across the Asia-Pacific region.

The company is a respectable member of the community; registered as a full member of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC), has won grants from the Singapore EDB; delivered products and systems to various high profile but confidential customers. Microlight Sensors products comply with all the measures of manufacture that abide by the requirements of Certificate of Origin for Locally (Singapore) Manufactured Goods.

Microlight Sensors has grown over the years as an optical systems company generating products and services in the strategic equipment domain. Designing instruments and equipment for night vision, long range equipment for coastal and large scale facilities, laser systems and tactical robotics.  In 2010, Microlight Sensors catapult into the international scene with an investment partnership through Nanostart Asia investment fund partnership. Nanostart headquarter in Frankfurt is focused in the technology space. Microlight Sensors’ products, for all purposes of international trade and export, follows strictly enforced strategic goods and strategic goods technology control (STGC) regulated trade put in force by the Singapore Government Customs Department.


Our Core Capabilities

Over the last few short years, MLS has uniquely positioned itself in the critical segment of the value chain where its core capabilities in optical design and engineering are leveraged.  Microlight Sensors designs, engineers, identify and qualify equipment, and builds up sensors system hardware.
Our capabilities position is beyond resellers of high-end optical equipment as Microlight Sensors has the capacity to design, develop, execute production assembly and serve our customers with full collective expertise, both on user sites and factory services.  MLS bridges technical capabilities for our customers from design to applications.

In particular, our core capabilities include:

  • Optical Engineering
  • Sensor Development
  • System Design
  • Multidisciplinary design and integration
  • Product engineering/packaging

Currently MLS serves its customers with a wide ranging series of products for civil and commercial facility operations. Consequential to the performance capability of the systems, the users at these large civil facilities often deploy the systems for operations monitoring and security system concurrently. Working on extremely low light levels, the technologies that can be deployed operates from kilo-lux light levels to micro-lux light levels without a need to change the sensors.

Beyond low light level imageries and thermal IR imagery systems, MLS is also working on products that survey targets with various bands of NIR and IR spectrum. Advanced sensor engines using materials such as InGaAs and Germanium will be introduced to the market.

Located in northern region of Singapore, MLS’s 592 m2 site included two clean rooms of 1k and 10k class, and other state-of-the- art facilities for lightwave products assembly, Optical systems assembly & test; product development and system production.


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