The range of Microlight Sensor’s Starlight imagery systems allows customers to deploy extremely sensitive cameras for security enforcement and public civil surveillance. 

Ship Activities at anchorage – Taken using NINOX System Half Moon-lite condition @1.5km off-shore 

These systems operate in moon-lite night conditions as well as moonless night sky. All system operating control architecture and data recording are digital, providing cross-platform transport of imagery, including any digital recording media and flash storage drives. The resulting imagery video is comparable equivalent of day PAL-monochrome output, hence, often uses as admissible material for enforcement. Unlike night vision intensifiers, these starlight camera systems are able to operate in the day, including mid-day conditions of kilo-lux light levels without sensor damage. 

The remote controlled robotic pan-tilt pedestals are designed for very high motion resolution, allowing users to determine view spots at precise locations such as ship aft, mid span or bow areas at long distances of many kilometers away from the camera system. 

The heavy duty long range ASIO products are capable of operating at clear night sky light levels. In moon-lit conditions, the ASIO system provides 10km recognition of small vessel/ vehicle (2x5m sizes). These heavy duty systems are suitable for deployment at fixed sites with reinforced base on building roof and mounting pillars.

ASIO Long Range Low Light Spotter System

Such systems are used in the following areas: 

•  Coastal Security

 Border Security

  Port & Airport operations

•  Protective Security

  Mission Critical Activity Supervision

•  Vessel Boarding Preparedness

•  Long Range Threat Assessment 


NINOX Low Light Spotter System

Several configurations are offered, such as mobile re-configurable sets with wireless transmission and power supply modules, operating remote for several hours, depending on the demands of the user deployment profile. 

Typically, the deployment applications are as follows: 

Mobile systems 

•  Rapid Deployment

•  Crisis Management

•  Covert Operations 

Fixed site systems  

•  Port & Airport Operations

•  Public Area Safety

•  Protective Security

•  Large scale civil sites

•  Large scale industrial sites 


MLS Mobile System 

Microlight Sensors offers many other types of off-the-shelf systems with specific night vision characteristic design and manufactures handheld systems using intensifier digital imagers. The systems are suitable for covert operation personnel in extreme confidential environments.


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